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Sibotesi / 2016-03-14

 Shenzhen Sibotesi Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to expand domestic and foreign markets.  Shenzhen Sibotesi Technology Co., Ltd. areas focused on: digital products, intelligent wearable products, sports digital cameras, mini cameras, popular consumer electronics.  Shenzhen Sibotesi Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006, the company marketing headquarters in Shenzhen, China, Sibo Benitez electronics factory has a production base in China, respectively, Shenzhen, Dongguan, more than the total number of 200 employees. In Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other cities set up a sales center. Long-term commitment to export. 2013 export value of over 300 million. In order to better adapt to the needs of market competition, better meet customer requirements, the company in product technology to ensure put a lot of manpower and material resources. The company has a sound process and advanced production equipment to ensure the quality of the process technology, the current Oxbow Estates electronics factory processes are: mold, injection, fuel injection, screen printing, SMT, bonding, assembly, packaging; main apparatus comprising: milling machines, lathes, injection molding machines, grinding machines, wire cutting, computer gongs, automatic placement machine, reflow soldering machines, automatic bonding machines and a variety of sophisticated detection equipment products. The smooth realization of construction quality management system and passed ISO9001-2000 quality system certification, the company operating the entire state in the driving under the quality management system is in a steady state efficiency; enhance the work through continuous management, Oxbow Estates electronics factory now He has won many well-known international companies trust and recognition, and to maintain long-term good business relationship, such as: WAL-MART, DISNEY, QVC, JC PENNY and SERIF are our main customers. It is because of the long-term efforts of the company, as well as prominent business performance, 2010 Oxbow Estates electronics factory won China's export enterprises Achievement Award for special digital camera. Taiwan Branch in digital entertainment products in the field already has many years of operating experience, the current Taiwan Branch digital cameras can produce 100,000 company has major customers in North America, Europe, Oxbow Estates electronics factory hope in the coming days, more capable and global many business partners. Shenzhen Sibotesi Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to improve the technical level continued to improve product quality to form a more close business partnerships with our customers to make more diversified product style and more adapted to different regions of the world。
Every member of us likes sport and life. It is a great pleasure for us to share the best experience with our family and friends. So, we encourage more and more people go out for travel and close to our nature. Outdoor activities and sport would bring us limitless happiness. We are one highly professional sport dv team and look forward to creating the best sport dv for you. Just to catch your moment and keep your best in the memory.
We are a young vibrant sport camera manufacturing team.
We love sports, love life, love to share the good moments in life.
We look forward and encourage more Sibotesi enthusiasts to get close to the nature, to enjoy the pleasure what sport brings us.
We provide the world’s best sport cameras for Sibotesi enthusiasts to capture the moments, keep their good memories.
No matter you are individuals, small companies or large enterprises,Sibotesi will provide the clients the best products with the best quality and service..

Just let us work together, grow up together.

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